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Photographer, LEWIS MORLEY - 46 min 37seconds PAL Video/DVD

Considered one of the most significant voices of 1960's London, Lewis Morley took one of the most singular iconic images of this period - a naked Christine Keeler on an Arne Jacobson chair. At the height of the Profumo Scandal, this image of sex and power has often overshadowed his remarkable sampling of fringe actors, musicians and fringe-dwellers of London's swinging Sixties.

These players included David Frost, Joe Orton, Charlotte Rampling, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, the first published photo of fashion models Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton and the young actor Michael Caine. Brian Epstein, Clint Eastwood, Judi Dench, Lindsay Anderson, Peter O'Toole, Vanessa Redgrave, John Cleese, Francois Truffaut, Salvador Dali, Tom Jones and Barry Humphries - indeed, almost everyone who was 'The Sixties".

In 1971, as Swinging London faded and Britain entered a recession, Lewis and his family emigrated to Australia, where he worked extensively for Australian design & fashion magazines. He continued his portrait work including artists Lloyd Rees, Brett Whiteley, controversial figure Juni Morosi, and writer Peter Carey.

The video has Morley discuss his sessions with Caine, Twiggy, Shrimpton, and the background to his working life at Peter Cook's Club 'The Establishment', where he was resident photographer. Morley takesus back in time and behind the scenes of Beyond the Fringe and That Was the Week. Importantly we go to the background behind the Keeler session, and see all thirty proof shots, and that final decision. With over three hundred photographs, including all of Morley's classic moments there are also numerous unpublished images cover his entire career.

Created to coincide with the retrospective exhibition of Lewis Morley at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra from March 15 2003; this film acts as a time-machine so that the viewer can go back with the photographer - to a time when Michael Caine hadn't made a film, Twiggy wasn't a model, Carey hadn't won the Booker and Edna Everadge wasn't yet a Dame.

Produced by John Mandelberg of BLACK DOG MEDIA P/L & Tom Thompson. Published by ETT Imprint in March 2003.

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