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Black and White Lies
(ETT Imprint, Sydney 1992)
ISBN 0 207 17644 2

Morley's autobiography is subtitled Self-exposures: Some Long, Some Short, Some Indecent wherein the master photographer remembers forty famous sittings (and some standings!) from the 1960s and 1970s.

This memoir has the insider view of the swinging sixties, through memories and 40 photographs, of the key fringe players. Thematically arranged, he touches on key figures from London's theatre, film, fashion, music and cultural renaissance. Christine Keeler, Joe Orton, Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, Michael Caine, Peter O'Toole - even Clint Eastwood, Truffaut and Dali! In Australia he tells of Lloyd rees, Brett Whiteley and Peter Carey for example, and the book is introduced by Morley's friend of forty years, Barry Humphries.

A fascinating and very funny memoir. 200 pages, plus 32 pages of photographs.

Lewis Morley
Contemporary Australian Photographers
WriteLite, 1999

ISBN 064630587 5

A neat 10 " x 8" size of 96 pages with an unusual grouping of photographs. Shows the International Morley, with strong London 60s materials, but not the celebrity portraits, plus later work from Sri Lanka, Paris, Sydney and Athens in the 1980s. Useful interview with the artist, albeit reluctantly a photographer:

I always felt guilty about photography. I mean, I worked purely by touch. I really knew nothing about the technicalities. I photographed what I saw, what I responded to emotionally. I was never analytical. Most of my work was reportage. I even approached interiors as reportages. So when Im asked asked to talk about my photography, i think, 'What can I talk about?' Certainly not about technique."

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